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    Nap4Lyme is dedicated to raising awareness and education about the growing epidemic of Lyme Disease and to find a cure. All donations made are tax-deductible.

    Your tax-deductible donation will support research for accurate testing, raising awareness and finding a cure.

  • GET INVOLVED, By Getting In Bed

    For our challenge you, don't need a bucket. You don't even need a bed. Would you run a marathon without training? No. Training starts today. We can change the world without even getting dressed for the day. Pajama party at work! Pajama party at school! Does this website make you look sleepy?


    A small siesta

    Although resting sounds like a glamorous luxury, crippling fatigue keeps some people with Lyme stuck in bed for years. If one person napped every 2 minutes to raise Lyme disease awareness, there would be 300,000 activists, all exceedingly well-rested. Become a NAPtivist today! After you are well-rested, donate to #Nap4Lyme foundation $25, $50, $100.


    Bed head appreciated.

    Take a picture of yourself, during or post nap. Authentic sleep pics only please. Lots of people sleep with retainers, wear yours! No, you shouldn't remove your earplugs. Yes, cats are welcome to cuddle up next to you. Don't have time for a nap in bed, sleep at your desk at work. Naps at school aren't just for preschoolers, get your school to participate! Be creative.

    Help Spread #Nap4Lyme

    Know someone who needs a nap? Post a picture of your nap on social media, link to this video, and tag your friends and family to take the #Nap4Lyme challenge. If they refuse, they can donate $100 to helping develop accurate testing and a cure for Lyme Disease. Congratulate them on helping to humanity, and sticking it to ticks.



  • Our vision = Your Eyes Closed: Join #Nap4Lyme

    What if you couldn't get out of bed -- for months for weeks months and even years? For people suffering from Lyme Disease, Fatigue is crippling. Lyme is the fastest-growing infectious disease in America, and the epidemic is getting worse. It is called the "invisible disease" because sufferers are stuck in bed, with back pain, headaches, "brain-fog," seizures and depression. If someone get a bad case of Lyme, they are often forced to quit their jobs, - or drop out of school-- and yes for some Lyme can be fatal.

    Lyme Is the Fastest Growing Infectious Disease

    Lyme Disease Is Transmitted through a Tick Bite.

    Ticks are so tiny, many people with Lyme never even remember a tick bite. Only 50% of sufferers will ever get the Bull's Eye rash. Worse, there are no accurate tests. Many people with Lyme do not test positive. Statistically, the tests have a false negative rate of 50%. How can you cure a disease if scientists have not yet figured out a way to predictably find it.

    One Bite Could Ruin Your Life

    The Unlucky People with "Chronic" Lyme

    PLTD (Post Lyme Treatment Disease) or Chronic Lyme is a name created to explain the thousands of Lyme sufferers that never got cured. Even the word "chronic" is upsetting to hear. With more research and funding there could and should be a cure.

  • The Team Behind the Ticks

    Our multi-specied team combines real-life nature experience with passion, creativity, and a love for galavanting in the woods. From rural back roads to suburbs across America, our team is committed to spreading the bacteria from insect to dogs, to deers and humans. With new advocates like the mouse, Lyme could be coming to a city near you soon!



    They Call Me the Tick Train

    Edward Peterson IIIVXX

    Chief BS (Blood Sucker)/Deer Tick

    For fun, I like to make things go viral.

    Dr. Lucy Flower Rosen

    Double Doodle/Lyme Advocate

    Not photogenic, but very energetic.

  • The TEam

    Dr. Elena Frid

    Board Certified Neurologist and Clinical Neurophysiologist

    Dr. Frid has spent most of her career dedicated to Lyme disease. Dr. Frid is a member of the American Academy of Neurology (AAN). She is a voting member of the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (ILADS), Medical Adviser to Project Lyme - a non for profit organization, Vice President of Robert Wood Johnson Medical School Alumni Association, and a member of the Independent Physicians of New York (IDNY).

    Emily White

    Board Member : Nap4Lyme

    Emily White has dedicated her career to changing the world, which is why she joined Nap4Lyme. Currently, Emily White is director of philanthropy partnerships at Salesforce.org, she held a similar position at PG&E. For eight years, Emily served as the regional director for community engagement at the Bay Area American Red Cross. Her desire to help the world started in college where Emily spent more than two years as a small business educator with Peace Corps Nicaragua.

    Irene McGee

    Founder : Nap4Lyme

    Irene McGee is most known for her stint on MTV's Real World Seattle. It was on the show, McGee relapsed for the first time with Lyme Disease. It was one of the first times Lyme Disease took a national platform. Over 20 years after being diagnosed with Lyme Disease, McGee still has relapses. She created Nap4Lyme to help raise awareness about the horrific impact of Lyme Disease. McGee is a storyteller, comedian, writer and Lyme advocate.

  • #Nap4Lyme Contact Us

    Hi. I'm Irene. I'm sick of being sick. I came into the public's eye on MTV's Real World Seattle. It was one of the first times Lyme Disease took a national platform, during the filming of the show I had some Lyme symptoms come back. I had no idea, I would still be battling this illness at 40. No matter how much I sleep, I'm always tired. Hence, Nap4Lyme was born.


    I have relapsed many times in the past 20 years. Many Lyme sufferers do not test positive, because the tests are woefully inaccurate. How can we cure an illness we can't even detect on blood tests?


    I do test CDC positive, which is why I've decided to go public with my story. The second time I tested positive, I thought perhaps I had been reinfected. However, by the fifth and sixth and seventh time it became clear that I have never been cured.


    I wish there was a cure. I'm afraid for my future, I'm afraid for my daughter's future. Shortly after her birth, I relapsed again. She will be too young to know I spent the first few years of her life in bed, but what about when she is 10 or 12 and I relapse again.


    I never found a tick on my body and the first time I heard the word Lyme Disease was at my pediatricians office when he said, "I'd test you for Lyme, but you don't have the Bull's Eye rash." I was a teenager at the time.


    I hope you join in this ambitious quest to end Lyme Disease.


    Come to bed with me. Bring your retainer, your bedhead, your favorite stuffed animal, your earplugs and PJ's... and most importantly your wallet.



All tax-deductible donations will go directly to Nap4Lyme for research, accurate testing and a cure. Nap4Lyme encourages people to wake up from this terrible epidemic and find a much needed cure for Lyme Disease.